Download BlueStacks 4 for Windows 10/8.1/7 (Official Latest)

Download BlueStacks for your Windows computer from this page. You can download and run it on any Windows PC (windows 7, 8,10) 32-64Bit. The developers frequently update the app; thus we would suggest you bookmark our site. This way you can quickly download the latest version of Bluestacks app player whenever a new version becomes available.

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Everybody loves running Android games and apps on their PC and right now using android emulators is the only method to archive this. Being a Gamer and Android geek myself, I had to try every emulator available to find which one is the best. After months of testing and trying dozens of apps; I come to the conclusion that Bluestacks is the best solution for running Android apps on PC.

I think every one of us is fond of using Android apps. I think everybody out there has used an Android app and an Android device for at least once. We all know that using an Android app is a pretty pleasant experience to have, that’s why I recommend that each one of you should try Bluestacks, This way you can use any android app you want on your PC. For instance, you can use MX Player for PC, SnapTube on PC and Kik on PC and What Not!

Now to try any app you have to download it first; That’s why we created this website. Here you can download the app for PC. Not only that; Actually we have shared everything about this awesome android emulator on this page. You can also check the Bluestacks installation guide, how to root Bluestacks and everything else about it. So much so that we think this page should have the title of BlueStacks 101 Guide. However, to save your precious time we have provided the official Bluestacks download links just below this paragraph.

Download Bluestacks

VersionBlueStacks App Player
File Size510 MB
RequirementWindows OS
DeveloperBlueStack Systems Inc. (

BlueStacks System Requirements

  1. 4GB HDD space should be vacant.
  2. A minimum of 2GB RAM should be available.
  3. Internet connectivity.
  4. A graphics card to enhance the user experience.

If you are not a PC Guy, you can also Download the app for Mac or Linux Computer. (Yeah we serve bluestacks download for every platform you can imagine.)

What is Bluestacks App Player?

These days most people are using an Android smartphone and Windows OS computers. Android has become the go-to smartphone OS and windows have become the go-to computer OS with the majority of userbase. Though millions of applications and games are available for Windows OS there are still a good number of games that are exclusive to Android and not available for Windows platform yet! That’s why Bluestacks come into existence.

BlueStacks is an android emulator software that makes it easy and quick for users to enjoy the same experience of playing Android games and using Android apps on their computers. It is a great piece of software that can run High-Quality Android Games on any Windows PC. Millions of people around the whole world are already using BlueStacks App Player.


Why BlueStacks and Not Any Other Emulator?

As I have already shared Bluestacks is being used by millions of people worldwide. These people are smart; they know what a good piece of software is and what is merely a shady one. Please don’t waste your time and money on trying other Android emulators, instead, just download it for windows pc. Take my words it’s worth it.

All the files are hosted on official CDN, so you will get maximum speed when you download this app from (this website). Also please note that these are Bluestacks offline installer files; thus you can use the downloaded file to install Bluestacks on a computer that doesn’t even have an internet connection. These files will also be helpful for you if you are on slow internet.

BlueStacks Features

I have tried many android emulators to date and after all that, I can proudly say that Bluestacks is the best android emulator in the world. I would like to point down some of the best features that Bluestacks have. So that you can easily download and install it without any hesitation. Check some of the best features of Bluestacks one by one from below.

Clash of Clans Android App on PC (1)
  • It has an excellent user interface and overall the experience of playing Android games like clash of clans is way better with Bluestacks rather than anything else.
  • BlueStacks lets you play Android games on your PC, Also you can control this Android emulator using your computer’s mouse and keyboard. However, if you have a touch computer you can also use the touch screen too.
  • This is a freeware software, so it’s free to use. Though there is a premium version available as well, the Bluestacks premium version does offer some extra features.
  • It is a cross-platform app; this means you can run Bluestacks on Windows and Mac (check the download link at top).
  • The Android emulator comes preloaded with popular Android apps and games which everyone loves like WhatsApp and Clash of Clans.
  • The procedure to download and install any android app on Bluestacks is very easy, just download the APK file and open it with Bluestacks.

BlueStacks Installation Requirements


Here you can check the Concise Bluestacks installation requirements, for more detailed info please check complete Bluestacks requirements. Before you start downloading Bluestacks, I would recommend you to take a look at some of the requirements that your computer should have to be able to run it without any problem.

  1. Administrator Privilege.
  2. Minimum 2GB of RAM.
  3. Minimum 4 GB of Hard Disk space.
  4. No BitDefender Software Installed.
  5. Latest graphic Card Drivers.
  6. Good Internet Speed. (Optional)

Installing BlueStacks on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or XP Computer

Installing Bluestacks is very straightforward, all you need to do is download the installation file and right-click on the downloaded .exe file twice for starting the installation process. After that you will see installation instructions on your computer screen, just follow the on-screen instructions and Bluestacks will be installed on your computer within a few minutes. Although the process is very simple if you need any assistance or you got stuck at the time of installing it please drop a comment below; we will love to help you.

How to Fix Common BlueStacks Errors


One of the most common issues with Bluestacks is the “Graphic Card Error 25000”. I have personally faced this error countless times; mostly while trying to install it on my older PCs (Yeah, I own multiple computers; Suprise!). That’s why I have written a 1000+ word long guide about how to fix Bluestacks graphic card error 25000. This is the most well researched and in-depth guide on this topic, I’m sure you will find it useful. (another reason to bookmark!)

Moreover, there are some other common issues that you can face while using it. I personally call these – “Bluestacks mistakes and challenges which most of the people will face.” Like most of my friends tell me that “The App is Slow,” I can’t deny or agree with their words. Because Frankly speaking Bluestacks is not a simple tool, it’s pretty complicated and useful software that needs a good system for running smoothly. You can’t expect a Ferrari to run on kerosene oil, can you? So My Recommendation for all of you gamers out there is upgrade your computers if you own a slow, useless old computer, You will thank me later.

Words from the Author

In the initial days, this app was completely free, but at the time of writing this article, I just found that they have started to charge $2/month for it unless you download any sponsored apps on Bluestacks. I personally don’t like the annoying apps which they try to promote. It’s their business strategy, I really can’t explain to you here why they do it. But maybe it’s because of the reason that “They have to make some money as building something awesome takes a lot of time and effort.”

Anyhow let’s come into the main point here, there are many guides out there that show you how you can download popular Android apps on PC which are used by millions of people every day. But for all of those tutorials to work you need this app, you will be instructed to download the app on every gaming website. That’s how awesome it is.


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